Capture & Proposal Management

Frequently, the staffs of the Business Development and Proposal directorates are lean operations. Auctus provides client’s the ability to quickly scale up and scale down burn rates at the speed of decision. In this way, our clients are able to conserve precious resources for the right efforts at the right time.

Augmenting Efforts: Our team members can provide assistance as teammates on the client’s capture and proposal teams following the client’s capture and proposal process.

Leading Efforts: We can also lead the Shipley Capture and Proposal Processes for our client’s. When Auctus is in the lead, we use a collaborative tool from Capture Planning to Post Submittal Activities. This tool gives the client complete visibility of our team’s methodology, conversations, progress and products. This allows client’s to rest assured that they have hired a great team that is producing at a level higher than customer expectations.

Our program managers will plan, organize and lead the team from the Pursuit Decision through contract award and start up. We can go even further to project management services from there.



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